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Excavate to ELEVATE

What does that even MEAN?

It means that in order for us to transcend our current life circumstances and elevate to the life we want we most likely will have to do some digging.

Digging into our past

Digging into why we do what we do

Digging into why we feel how we feel

Digging into why we react the way we react!

And we do this digging so that we can EXCAVATE the divine within!

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Transition, Transform, TRANSCEND?


I used to do just that!

For a long time I was super stagnant in my life, but

you would have never known because I was forever doing ALL of the things!

From taking a bunch of classes, to providing support for others, to signing up for another freebie, or embarking on another wellness journey, it would have appeared that I was anything BUT stagnant!

However, when it came to truly pursuing my purpose and what really MATTERED to me I very much was! And that led to me spinning my wheels for way longer than I care to admit!

But I FINALLY got out of that rut and have been able to get in alignment with my TRUE purpose!

Want to know how?

My own personal CHEAT CODES!

First thing was to get CONSCIOUS!

Second was to...

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Let's get that GOOD energy Flowing!

Past hurts, disappointment, and traumas left unprocessed creates a blockage in the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Our life energy becomes stuck, stagnant, and sluggish.

Or sometimes we overcompensate and the energy is depleted leaving us feeling burnt-out, out of control, reckless.

It doesn't have to be that way though!

One of the first steps to unblocking chakras and healing from past hurts is to acknowledge and be aware of how those PAST hurts effect NOW.

I created an E-guide to understand Chakras and how to use crystals to get that energy back flowing as a great way to begin the healing process. It helps with self awareness and provides some simple steps to get the process started and affirmations to stay grounded.

It is all about healing, growing, and standing in truth to be aligned with purpose and highest good!

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Happy Clearing Loves!

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The Favor just keeps getting SPRINKLED!

I know the road that leads to the life we want is an INTENTIONAL one and that there is no accidental healing!

So to help with that intentionality I am providing these downloadables to offer guidance!

They are here to assist with your...





Becuase around here we

"Heal on Purpose"

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